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What is the meaning of Luke chapter 18 1-8?

What is the meaning of Luke chapter 18 1-8?

The judgments and descisions of flesh-and-blood man are primarily based upon the "physical data" conveyed to our brain and intellect by our five "physical senses." But, Jesus Christ is forever revealing to His flesh-and-blood servants through His Word... and His parables... SPIRITUAL lessons; illuminating and awakening the intellectual awareness of the "spirit" within each of us:

"Faith" is spiritual... it's a GIFT that God gives to His servants by His Grace; not something we conjure up ourselves:

 Luke 18:1-8 a lesson in Faith
Luke 18:1-8 is a lesson of "perseverance"... of not giving up [quitting] on the invisible Spirit that the limitations of our physical eyes can't see.

"What is Faith? It is the confident assurance that what we Hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." (Heb.11:1 NLT)

In man's court of law, physical "evidence" is presented upon which a Judge, through his sight and hearing, bases his ruling. In the case of this parable... the bizzare "evidence" introduced into the record is FAITH -- something that no court would normally consider... yet, which is the only important evidence needed in the court of the Judge of the Universe.

"...the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Fear of the LORD...shall make Him of quick Understanding... and He shall not Judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears: but with Righteousness shall He Judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth..." (Isa.11:2-4 KJV).

"...All God's people are praying people. Here earnest steadfastness in prayer for spiritual mercies is taught. The widow's earnestness prevailed even with the unjust judge: she might fear lest it should set him more against her; but our earnest prayer [through Faith] is pleasing to our God

The word “prayer” is the common Greek word meaning to petition, pray.  Jesus is teaching continual prayer, again and again, rather than continuous, non-stop prayer.  To pray without ceasing is to pray repeatedly, time and again.  Jesus teaches clearly that we are to continue to pray until we receive the answer.  That continued prayer is not a sign of little faith, but of persistent faith.  The danger is that we get discouraged and quit praying.

God’s will is swayed by persistent prayer.  In Psalm 18:6-16, David recounts how God interceded with earthquakes, smoke, and fire to answer David’s fervent prayer.

When we do not persevere in the faith, we give Satan an opportunity to accuse us, and the people of the world have reason to revile us

At all times we ought to pray – pray without ceasing.

We are not to lose heart and to give up on prayer.

We need a proper view of God:

God cares for us

God never delays answers because of a lack of care or a lack of power.

God’s delays are always for our good, even if the reasons are hidden from us.

God ultimately will bring swift and certain justice for His elect

We need a proper view of ourselves:

We are often grieved by mistreatment and difficult trials.

We should persistently bring our heartfelt needs to God.

We must trust Him even when the answers are delayed.

We can trust Him because we know that we are His elect.

When to stop praying for something that God isn’t granting.  It’s not an easy question.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit may say, “Stop asking; My grace is sufficient for you.”  Sometimes He gives us an inner assurance that the request will be granted, and so we can shift from praying to praising Him for the answer.  Sometimes He removes the burden from our hearts and we move on to other requests.  The Lord told Jeremiah to stop praying for disobedient Israel, because He had determined judgement for them. (Jer. 11:14)

But often, He wants us, like this nagging widow, to keep on asking until we receive what we need.  God isn’t like this reluctant judge.  He cares for us and is more than ready to grant our requests when He knows that we are ready to receive the answer.  So keep on praying and don’t lose heart.  He will bring about justice for you speedily, according to His timetable, not yours or ours.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

One Child

 Song called One Child by Marty and Marcella.  Last Christmas we had a shorter version on a card that we gave out at Christmas Eve Mass.  Either link will get you to the MP4 file on our YouTube Channels.Song called One Child by Marty and Marcella.  Last Christmas we had a shorter version on a card that we gave out at Christmas Eve Mass.  Either link will get you to the MP4 file on our YouTube Channels. Highlight each link and right click to go to the link.


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Pope John Paul II “Nakedness itself is not immoral. Immorality is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person…”
We must get by the stigma so many religious spirits have unrighteously placed upon the naked body. Being a Christian means putting on the divine traits of Jesus. There’s no longer a need to feel shame in private or public about our bodies. All things are lawful unto believers.
Clothing in biblical times was worn for warmth or prestige, not to cover their bodies for fear of someone seeing them unclothed.
When we respect the nude we will no longer have any shame about it. A creator honoring view of the human body dispels the fantasy, porno-prudish religiously taught and exploited concept in western culture. The church urgently needs repentance and reformation from the flight from the body. A prudish view is a pornographic view. Placing an obscene or indecent sexual connotation of the sight of gender body parts creates a sexually objectified body allowing the features of personal gender identity and distinction to be ignored. We have abandoned the human body by surrendering God’s image and temple into secular hands and Satan. We need to start behaving as if the “fearfully and wonderfully made” naked human body never stopped being “very good”. (Gen 1:31)
The crowning touch of God’s creation is regarded as something shameful to be covered and hidden. Time after time the prophets in the Old Testament came under the influence of the Holy Spirit, took off their clothes, stood or fell down naked, and prophesied and praised God.
This sense of shame is not inborn. It is learned. Babies have no shame and neither did many early Christians in biblical times. We live in a society in which sexuality is very distorted. God made nothing more beautiful and dignified than the human body.
Clothes were for man’s mental comfort, thinking he could hide, and were not for God’s benefit. When one builds a temple, he usually doesn’t mind if people look at the masterpiece and admire it. We are God’s masterpiece, a temple wonderfully made. The misuse of God’s gifts, not using our bodies as God intended is what makes God angry. Our bodies are not obscene. The problem is that society makes us look at the body as a sex object rather than the beautiful creation God intended it to be. Being unclothed is not immoral, the immorality lies in not respecting our bodies and the bodies of others.
It's an insult to God to hide the gift of our bodies in shame. A gift from God should be displayed proudly.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Marriage and Sex

Marriage and Sex

The norm is that Christians will marry and that as a Christian couple, the husband and wife will enjoy regular sexual relations.
A healthy sex life is a preventive for immorality.
Both husband and wife should regularly engage in the sexual act as their duty, both to God and to each other.
Both husband and wife should not only give themselves for sex, but each should seek to produce the ultimate pleasure for their partner. Reaching the ultimate pleasure is the sexual union is what best insures against immorality.
Neither the husband nor the wife has the authority to deprive their mate sexually. It is wrong to deprive one’s mate of the pleasures of sexual intimacy.
Those Christians who have been forcibly making a celibate of their mate by withholding sex are commanded to stop sinning in this fashion.
Sexual abstinence is to be a rare and temporary exception to the norm of regular sexual union.
Sex cannot be mutually satisfying without real love.
Spirit filled sex when each strives to please the other is important.
Sexuality and spirituality are very closely related. We are to make sexuality an expression of our spirituality to the glory of God, and for our good.