Thursday, October 10, 2019

Why do we reject the very Image of God?

Of all of God's creations there is one that we as a culture depress. We reject it, we seek to destroy it, we belittle it, and we degrade it. We seek to hide it, re mock and shame those who display it publicly. It is demonized, rejected, and mocked, it is treated as an object of lust rather than beauty worthy of our deepest admiration. We reject its divinity, hide its glory, and work tirelessly to shame its image and those who dare to show this Godly creation in any public way.

This grandest of all creation is common, normal, and natural. Satan has so successfully infiltrated religion, church, and humanity to destroy the very nature of its nature as if it never existed to begin with. Satan degrades its beauty to raw lust.

This creation is living, breathing, loving, and divine to its very nature and existence. It is so sacred and beautiful that Satan has spent much effort to destroy and warp the divinity of this Godly creation. Gen 1: 26-27. It is to be admired, respected, loved, and it reflects the divinity of God. Our bodies represent the Divine image of God manifested in human form and represents our humanity gloriously displayed. It was not created to be covered or shielded from view. It is the only creation of God we seek to cover and hide.

We must not be ashamed or fear our bodies or the bodies of others. If we reject our own bodies by hiding them we reject the very image and essence of God and the Divinity we contain of God in us. We must reject Satan telling us that we are dirty, evil, abhorrent, and repugnant. We have allowed Satan to distort, destroy, and undermind our bodies as Gods greatest creation.

We need to embrace the beauty of our creation and show the true nature of being, true nature of who we are and who God is by accepting the very image of God within our hearts, minds, culture, and beliefs. We need to be tolerant, unashamed, liberal, earth friendly, etc. God does not want His light, His sunsets, His tabernacles, or anything else of His to be hidden from view. Many will argue about the place of clothing in the world and culture. While it may be a matter of practicality it should not be a matter of hiding who and what we are in God. The grandest of his creations and we should celebrate this as His children.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Image of God in Man

We were made similar to God in certain ways to represent God and carry out designated responsibilities.

We are spiritual beings, in human form, to represent and worship God who is spirit. Only humans are able to relate to God in worship and communication. Man is a living soul and given a spiritual life.

We are personal beings with a personality that makes us unique individuals with self-consciousness and purpose. We share commonn characteristics but no two people are alike. Each human life has great significance before God.

We are relational beings in that we can relate to God and to others. We are not made to live in isolated individualism tus it involves how we relate in marriage, fellowship in church, and fellowship in community.

Being relational beings we are created to think, to know, to learn, and to cultivate our minds and spirits.

As emotional beings to experience intimacy with those close to us and to feel compassion to others.

We are creative beings who have the desire to create - art, business, books, landscaping, "be fruitful and multiply", and to harness the natural world.

We are wonderfully made to resemble God. In the Fall, we died spiritually, relationship with God was ruptured, interpersonal relatiionships broke, our purity was lost, personality becam corrupted, false and vain knowledge was sought after, emotions turned to selfish desires, and our creativity ws despoiled by evil purposes and pursuits.

In Salvation, thru Christ, we are made a new creation and able to live as God created us, fulfilling the responsibilities given to us. To glorify, love, and worship God; to reverence and respect life, to dignity in how we see, relate to and treat others; Sexuality is sthe union of a man and woman for intimacy, fidelity, and faith; marriage represents the Triune God, it has spiritual meaning, and committed attachment. We show commpassiion to those suffering and to each other, living with one another in peace and community.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Are We Living in God's World?

Are we living in the world God created or the world Satan is deforming in opposition to God. So much of what takes place in this world today is lead by Satan and his followers. We see a culture of death being raised up, gender identity, sexuality, abortion, deceit, pervertion of what man was created to be, and so much more. Thought needs to be given to the real identity we all share and have in God.

We are wonderfully made in His image and likeness yet we shun that beautiful aspect of creation. We were given the task to care for our earth and each other yet we destroy without caring to replace what we take. We ignore the needs of others yet the world lead by Satan wants greed, power, control, and wealth. We see a world that was given to us by God and the humanity that we should be quickly becoming a pit where Christians fail to act and stand.

Do we celebrate the creation of man as God intended? Do we care for creation that He gave us to tend? Do we celebrate life? It seems Satan has lead the charge since the dawn of creation to make man shameful of our bodies made in the image and likeness of God, to pervert that which God made good, to deceive and lie about who we are in God. Human in form, cloaked by His Spirit, beings wonderfully made and beautiful to behold. Satan would have us find all that we have and are in God ugly and revolting. Satan's goal is to destroy all that God made good. We have a soul and a spirit, that if freely held onto, in the purity God made us in, is what Satan hates the most.

The challenge to all, is to stand bold in God and take back the Garden of Eden from Satan who through deceit, caused the fall of man from grace. God will take us back someday and let us back into the garden but only if we can overcome the impure world and live in God's world of grace, love, and spirit. We need to recapture the garden here and now lest all be lost to Satan and his followers.